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    Plano Lenses Only

    Do you have the frame, but just need an another pair of lenses for different weather conditions? Here you can select the colors you...

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    Frames Only

    You have the lenses but you need an extra frame. Each of our frames comes with our exclusive cases that can hold two extra sets of lenses. Titanium Frames are stronger, lighter and more durable than spring steel. They are more comfortable and will retain their shape better as...

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    Post 4 Titanium Case Only

    Need a case for your extra lenses, or have an extra pair of frames that you need protected? Then you can buy the case only right here. The case can fit all sizes of the Post 4 frame, and up to 3 sets of extra...

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    Side Shields

    Do you need to keep the wind out of your eyes? Do you need to block distractions that you can see in your peripheral vision? Well, here is a product that will work for you. Our side shields are made from a light weight plastic, so the sweat will not destroy them like the old cardboard ones. These side shields last for years. Extra pairs will fit easily behind the Post 4 Sport...

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